Our Raîson d'Être

The Church of Tina Chopp's web site exists specifically because of people like An Evil Anti-Tinite and some guy who didn't even have the guts to sign his own name.

This disclaimer exists to let all you other evil anti-tinites out there that one of the reasons The Church of Tina exists is because people like you are so much fun to shock and annoy. Any message that you send to us will get posted if it is funny enough, and we are the ones who decide whether or not it is funny. If you don't like it, take a pill and...


The Church of Tina Chopp bears no responsibility for actions taken by people not directly associated with The Church. Don't expect us to cover your ass if you do something illegal and get caught. You have been warned.

Thank you.

that rainbow coloured line again

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled web site.