Letters To Tina

subject: Heresy

body: Have you considered the possibility that The Evil Anti-Tinite
may in fact BE Tina Chopp reborn? As the recently unearthed Dead
Pond Tabloids tell us: "And yea, verily there shall arise an uptight
chick with badly-dyed hair and no sense of humour, and when the
seventh seal has been opened and legal action threatened she shall
reveal herself as the Chopp, and lo, verily shall there be turmoil
in the Church, and the Tinites shall cast themselves from the highest
parapets, for they have hailed a tightass as their God." Just
something to think about. 

To which we responded

While Tina encourages people to worship pretty much anyone *other* than
Tina, at the same time, there is obvious error in proposing to worship
a known anti-Tinite... Tina Chopp created Jesus Christ, and many who
worship Jesus are anti-Tinites, but that doesn't make Jesus himself an
anti-Tinite... The Evil One whose name we dare not speak, however, is
plainly an anti-Tinite, and a truly dedicated Tinite will avoid
worshipping her.

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