Letters To Tina

subject: Tina Chopp

body: To the Church of Tina Chopp,
I thought you would like to know that it has come to my
attention that Tina Chopp insinuated a startling prophecy
concerning rootebeggas and the Mother of Our Lord. The
level of treachery, of shear gardening, that accompanies
every mention of Ms. Chopp regurgitates.
Therefore, it is with utmost unction that I feel I must
warn you of the danger. The Supreme Disciple of Ms. Chopp
is no risible wanker. I know. I am Tina Chopp. I repeat,
I am the TINA CHOPP of which Lionel wribbles.
Rise and make yeast infections in the name of the most
creamy cunnilingus.

To which we responded

Of course, Tina doesn't like people very much (which is why
She lives on Planet X-38), and She encourages individuals to
worship gods other than Herself, however it is obvious to us
that Tina Chopp created all those other gods, and She just
wants you to worship them so that She'll have more peace and quiet.

Your green snakes have lumpy nerblots insinuating Frank Zappa and
dripping in me once the other things falump through ugly dogshit
the foggy blue. The Surpeme Disciple of Fatty Moon is a cheese.
Nancy Cave was never a part of it.

Tina Chopp will eat you for lunch! Praise the Holy Cucumber!

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