Letters To Tina

subject: Tina Chopp

body: She was 17, living in bellevue, wa with her dad Fred
and mother Juanitta sister Tammy and she was a virgin when
we first met. she gave it to me. we dated for three years
and then it ended when she left me to go to western washington
and started to whored around on campus and in bellingham. she
then went to seattle university where she pursued her mechanical
engineering degree. screw the bitch, but I remember that
Tina Chopp IS God...

To which we responded

This is an interesting take on the "standard" story that we've
heard so frequently, and one that interests us quite a bit.

If you have any further proof of this story, or any way to
substantiate your claims, (for example, what high school did
she go to, who were some of her teachers, what happened to her
after seattle university, how is she related to the Tina Chopp
who is a public relations person, etc., etc...) we would be
interested in communicating with you further concerning this.

Please let us know.


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