Letters To Tina

subject: Poor Anti-Tinite, but good site

body: I've enjoyed your site quite a bit, hope that improves your day in 
some way (not that your day was bad in any way, merely that I hope no 
matter how good it is, my compliment improves it even more).  I have only 
one problem: The Evil Anti-Tinite.  I'd like to request personally and formally
that you  remove her personal information from your site.  While I
understand your ticked-offedness with her, and frankly admire your eloquence
in dealing with her, I feel you should leave it at a link to her personal site.
My problem is this: While she was an ignorant bitch and her spelling was 
atrocious (lord, save me from hippocrissy), the conflict was personal.  She 
doesn't deserve to be attacked by a bunch of people who visit your site on 
a lark.  You shut her down, and "Won" the conflict ( to give her her due, 
she did a fine job of losing it long before you got around to finishing 
it).  Since she sent the first email, tell your direct friends about 
it.  But please be the better person and remove the casual access to her 
info from the eyes of the 13 year olds who's idea of meaningful criticism 
is "fuck you you dumb bitch!" Basically I'm asking as one person to 
another, leave it at a link.  She lost much face just in the conversation 
between the two of you, she doesn't deserve the harrassment (?) of a bunch 
of strangers.  Having your info on the web is a scary thing, and while she 
chose to do it on her web site, she CHOSE that.  Give the bitch a 
break.  I'd be interested to hear your comments on this.

To which we responded

your compliment, like so many that we receive here at The Church of Tina Chopp,
was interestingly backhanded. fortunately we are accustomed to receiving
veiled insults from anti-Tinites like you, so it wasn't a great surprise that
you would side with The Evil One.

we never encourage anyone to "attack" the evil one whose name we dare not speak,
that would be illegal, and, as you probably know, we never encourage any illegal
activity of any kind. she originally wrote to us as an attack, and when we didn't
respond by being defensive, she poured gas on the fire. she is upset that we are
intelligent enough to know how to find information about her, even moreso because
she is not intelligent enough to be able to find the same kinds of information
about us. if she has a problem with personal information about her being posted
on the web, then *she* shouldn't have posted that information in the first place.
we *could* remove it from our site, but even if we did, it would still be available
in the same places we found it.

the attack of the evil one whose name we dare not speak is the same kind of attack
seen in our tract The Visitors and our response is also very similar.

The Church of Tina Chopp is not in the business of giving breaks to anti-Tinites...
neither to you, nor to The Evil One whose name we dare not mention.

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