Letters To Tina

subject: In Search of Lost Time

body:  Thank you so much for your site! As a melancholy loner youth of 14, I spent
3 weeks living in a married students' dorm at W.W.U in August of 1981 while my
parents attended summer school. One of my chief sources of entertainment was
running around to all of the campus sculptures and checking the inside surfaces for
Tina graffiti, only one of which I remember: "Tina Chopp is God. She has V.D." I'm
thinking this might have occured at the tail end of the "graffiti incident".

For exactly two decades I have regaled people with tales of Tina and whom I imagined
her to be...people thought I was crazy...and I began to think it was all an hallucination...
until yesterday when I finally buckled under and did a web search.

Thank you for confirming that Tina Chopp is real and that I am as crazy as I believed
I was. Though not particularly religious, you can trust that I shall do my small part to
spread the doctrine of Tina Chopp (as I have sort of been doing for 20 years)
throughout southern British Columbia.


P.S. I used to be a professional writer and actually wrote an "epic" poem about those
days at W.W.U. Tina got a couple of stanzas all to herself. It was, alas, never published.

To which we responded

hmm... the "married students' dorm" in 1981 was probably Birnham Woods,
which was down the road a little bit from Buchannan Towers, the birthplace of The
Church. My recollection is that the "She has V.D." grafitti was inside the
sculpture called Wright's Triangle, by Richard Serra, and it was an addition to the
already existing grafitti, added by some unknown person (for all we know, it may have
been you!).

however, we are sorry to inform you that you really are crazy, and it really is an

welcome to The Church of Tina Chopp - if you want to formalize your membership
you will probably want to attend a Public Ritual Vegetable Sacrifice, at
which participants are given the opportunity to sell their soul add their names to the
growing list of "Spiders" who are Official Members of The Church of Tina Chopp.

please don't stop telling people about Tina - if you don't, for all you know, nobody
will ever find out about her!

by the way - if you send us a copy of your "epic" poem, we'll publish it...
or, at least we'll publish the parts about Tina...  ;-)

Praise Tina!

Rev. Guido

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