Letters To Tina

from: Boozer

subject: disclaimer

body: I have to call Bullsh*t on your "true" account of the origin of this "church".
I resided in Bellingham for a period of time. There are no eight story residential
buildings there!

To which we responded

A picture of Buchannan Towers
thank you for the enlightening feedback on our web site,
however we have noticed a few minor discrepancies in
what you have told us.

first of all, you appear to have misspelled the word
"bullshit". the last time we checked, that word had
the letter i in the place where you have inserted
an asterisk...

and we're hoping that's not all you've inserted in your ass...

second, we can understand why you call yourself "boozer" if
you are unable to perceive the fact that Buchannan Towers has
eight floors. to prove this point we would like to present
you with our picture of Buchannan Towers with the
seventh floor window clearly indicated. if you count,
you will notice that the window circled on the picture is, in fact, the seventh floor, and
there is one floor above that, which the last time we checked, makes eight.

it is remotely possible that you resided in bellingham, england, which may not have any
residential buildings of eight stories, but if that is the case, we really don't know. if, on the
other hand, you resided in bellingham, washington (USA), then we really do think you're
a bit dense if you can't count the eight floors the building in this picture obviously has.

please write back to us when you're sober. you realize, of course, that alcohol is one of
the Ten Drugs Tina Doesn't Like Very Much® don't you?

thanks for the feedback, boozer.

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