Letters To Tina

subject: pumpkin sacrifice

body: are you aware of the harrison house great pumpkin sacrifice that has been
going on each year since 1972 (i think?).  the dorm on the campus of the university
of new brunswick, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA.  get a 500 lb pumpkin
every year and fill it up with dynamite and throw it off their dorm roof.  hundreds of
people come out to see this event. just wondering if had heard about it? 

To which we responded

actually, no, we hadn't heard of this obviously Tina-motivated event...

although i'm not sure that Tina would approve of using dynamite... it seems to
me that doing so would make the entrails somewhat more difficult to interpret.

i've always wanted to do a 500-pound pumpkin, the problem is that i've never
had enough people to help me carry such an object to an appropriate place for
sacrificing. presumably they've got a winch or something to help haul that much
vegetable up to the roof.

how tall is the building? my guess is that it would have to be more than 4 or 5
floors to be able to have the requisite effect on such a large pumpkin.

does anybody mention the name of Tina Chopp during these sacrifices? it's okay
if you don't, 'cause Tina really doesn't want people worshipping her anyway,
but if you *do* mention the name of Tina Chopp, that would make it an official
Church-sanctioned event, and at that point it might be tax-deductible.

can you send me pictures? if you do, i'll put together a special page featuring
the harrison house pumpkin sacrifice... or, on the other hand, is there a web
page describing this event? if there is, a link to it will appear on The
Church's veglink page almost immediately.

Praise Tina

Rev. Dr. Guido S. DeLuxe, DD, LDD, OGG, OHS, ST, MI, MSU
High Priest - The Church of Tina Chopp


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noses of people who develop unusual lumps between their shoulders from snorting

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