Letters To Tina

from: Jim Flanagan

subject: Sighting


Tina Chopp is God!

To which we responded

Tina Chopp is God grafitto2nd view of grafitto
3rd view of grafitto
Jim Flanagan's House

EXPLANATION: The picture in the lower right position, above, is, in fact, Jim Flanagan's house, which is less than a block away from the grafitto Jim so kindly pointed out to us. We were actually already aware of this grafitto, primarily because it was originally inscribed in the wet concrete during the mid-1980s by none other than Rev. Osiris Ranebo himself, who lived several blocks away from that location at the time. We were able to find Jim's house by doing a whois on his domain. We thought about calling him on the telephone, or actually visiting with him to see if he had any further insights about Tina, but after our experience with The Evil Anti-Tinite Whose Name We Dare Not Mention, we decided that it would probably be best if we just left him alone. We did not have access to any special information, or use techniques that are devious or unethical. Anybody could have done it... it's really not as difficult as it sounds - in fact, it's even easier when the information you're searching for is located in the same town you live in. If Jim had sent us a picture of grafitti from some other city, state or country, we probably would have responded in a completely different way. Praise Tina!

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