Letters To Tina

email: spacemummy

subject: the visitors

body: I traded materials with Osiris Ranebow back in the late 80s, early 90s. 
One of the great underground comix I cherished was "The Visitors"-- "As man
is, god was stoned.  As god is, man may become stoned."  I'll never forget that. 
I'll yell that out on the street when I am 70 years old.  I'll take it to the friggin
Soupream Court!  How do I get a new copy?  It disappeared way back in the
last millenia.

To which we responded

Dear Space Mummy,

As you're probably aware, Osiris Ranebo is dead, and has been dead for more than 5 years. At this point, any hope of communicating with him is long passed, unless you believe that he was lying when he expressed his disdain for things like the "ouija board" and other suchlike things which are allegedly used to communicate with the dead.

Nevertheless, we are pleased to inform you that "The Visitors" has been republished in electronic form, and is available on our web site. We have also relatively recently republished "Tina Shoes", not only in electronic form, but in paper format as well - yes, you can order "Tina Shoes" directly from us... if there's enough demand (which there hasn't been yet), we'll probably republish "The Visitors" in a paper format as well, but there will have to be enough demand for it first.

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