Letters To Tina

email: Anwar Zak

subject: sex

body: we need to fuck anice girl

To which we responded

Dear Anwar,

We have noticed that your email address and/or domain name has shown up on a fairly large volume of spam which has been sent to our various email addresses recently. We don't appreciate this. We would hasten to point out our anti-spam policy, which expressly forbids you to add our addresses to spam-lists.

We would like to help you in your quest to fuck a nice girl, but the nice girls we know won't even look at a spammer, and neither will the sleazy girls we know. Judging by the fact that your provider is located in a predominantly Muslim country, it is our guess that fucking even a nice girl might, under the right circumstances, result in some crucial and essential parts of your personal body being cut off, without the benefit of anasthesia, by a mob of angry, turban-wearing wogs. We'd be happy to help that come about as well.

We have already reported you, your provider and their upstream providers to appropriate authorities. We look forward to never hearing from you again.

Thank you.

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