Letters To Tina

email: Steve

subject: Adding our link to your site?

body: Hi:
Would you like to add us to your links? We would be happy to add you to our
The Url to our banner is :  http://URL-REMOVED-BECAUSE-OF-SPAMMING
Title: Affordable Urine Samples
Desc:  We offer clean inexpensive urine samples and transport kits for as low
as $15. These have passed all drug tests. Express delivery and assured

To which we responded

Dear Steve,

How difficult is it to understand us when we say DON'T SPAM US YOU SLIMEBALL!!

IF you hadn't spammed us, we might have been willing to talk with you about advertising your product on our web site. As it is, you are a spamming slimeball and we hope you spend the rest of eternity getting frostbite on your dick in the Frozen Vegetable Aisle of Safeway, along with all the other Anti-Tinites.

Thank you, and Praise Tina.

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