Letters To Tina

email: dan_o_big@yahoo.com

subject: Please  help me

body: Dair sir

   I am a Nigerian and happens to live and work in Zamfara
State before
the introduction of Sharia legal system. I was doing very well and
earns enough (I fixe and repair generator of any kind)

Unfortunately, during the introduction of Sharia, riot broke out, and
I loose all my possessions including my wife and two children. Since
then life have not been the same again.

As a result of this I now move to Lagos State, but cannot raise
enough money to start life again.

I know very well that you are not a charity organisation but I am
begging you to come to my aid. Please anything you can lay your hand
on, I will appreciate it. As you do this may almighty Lord bless you.
i have considered the costs of all these process and for the fact
that i cannot afford the cost, so i am discouraged.
i have an idea to offer. if you can be of help, as you have already
desirred to help me, i will appreciate it. is it possible for you to
bring me over there in the city to work for you? i am ready to work
for you, then when i am finally there, whatever expenses you have
incurred on my behalf can be gradually deducted from whatever salary
you wish to pay me.
i am a hard working young man and a mechanical teachnicaian with
specialization on Generating sets and Computing Networking. i can as
well do any other job because of my intelligent quotient.
i shall be greatful to read from you, should you agree to buy my
idea. i am highly intrested to be with you and work for you as well.
i know that you will help me to make life worth living.
    thank you in anticipation while i await your reply.
                  yours. daniel ibezim

Please you can contact me with this address  NO;24 RO 26; college road
haruna bus stop ifako ogba ikeja Lagos Nigerian  

+23480545417or dibezim0mail.com

To which we responded

Dear Daniel, or whoever you may be

You're joking, right?

We understand that, being from Nigeria, your command of the English language might not be up to the same standards that one might expect from someone from the United States, but that's just the language aspect. We might even be interested in pursuing the "South Park" aspect of this and actually sponsor you to come to the United States to pose as our "Starvin' Marvin", but to imagine that we might be able to give you a job is beyond any expectation we could possibly dream of coming from a self-proclaimed "intelligent" human being.

Therefore, we have to conclude that this is some kind of scam. Sorry.

Tina Chopp is God! Praise Her OR DIE!!

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