Letters To Tina

email: wasabi@petroom.net

subject: Japanese Titles

body: HEY! I'm a Japanesemy, name is Tomo Nakai.
I read this site, I'm yery interested in these humour.
"Funny Japanese Video Clip"
I can read this Japanese  title. 

   This title said that as he turned around to look at his son,his face
   was wet by his son's pee. But you have kown this 
   transnslationaiready,haven't you?
                  Good by

To which we responded

Dear Tomo Nakai

Thank you for your translation. Until now, we have been unaware of what the Japanese titles in this video clip say, so your help with this is very much appreciated. If you are very interested in humour like this, we would appreciate it if you could send us more.

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