Letters To Tina

A while ago, we happened to stumble on the web site at Evil Exposed, which was in the process of undergoing a major overhaul of it's contents (although the new stuff is just as bad as their old site). We wrote them two messages in the latter part of March, 2003 EV (sorry), and we finally got a single response which is interspersed with our third message to them:

--- Evil Exposed  wrote:
> My site is down for re-writes.  Sorry to disappoint
> you.

speaking as a webmaster with 12 years of experience,
taking your website down, for any reason whatsoever,
serves only to permanently drive people away from your
site. people who have bookmarked your site will hit it
and think it's gone, and people surfing in from links
or search engines will also think it's gone. if you
keep it down for long enough, your link will be
dropped from search engines all together.

i'm serious... you should at least put up a notice
saying that you'll be back soon, or something.
allowing your audience to see nothing but an error
message is a sure way to convince people that your
site is gone for good.

> I am very curious
> as to which "god" you serve, since it is obvious
> from what you say that you
> don't know the God of the Holy Bible who says:

wait... the bible "who" says???

the preposition "who" is normally used to refer to an
object which is a person or animal. the bible is *not*
a person or animal; it is inanimate. the correct way
to phrase that would be to say "that you don't know
the God of the Holy Bible *which* says".

if you can't even speak english correctly, then how
can you *EVER* hope to convince someone that what you
believe is actually the truth?

not only that, but, as a self-proclaimed "christian",
i thought you were supposed to believe that there *is*
only one God. if you're implying, by your question
about "which god" i serve, that there are more than
one of them, then you don't know much about
Christianity, do you.

> "For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion
> <!-- SNIP! -->
> with good." (Romans 12:21)
> I have tons more that show God telling us there IS
> evil, and that we have a
> "deceiver" that is trying to make us be a part of
> God and a part of his lies
> too.  

your profusion of scripture passages proves nothing
more than the fact that you know how to use a text
reference to find all the passages that refer to
whatever subject you happen to be looking for. whether
you understand what all those passages mean or not
remains to be seen, especially since you seem to think
that all the passages in your list refer to exactly
the same subject.

"Those did not the Lord choose, neither gave He the
way of knowledge unto them: But they were destroyed,
because they had no wisdom, and perished through their
own foolishness. (Baruch 3.27,28)

> That is what my site is all about.   It is for
> those of us who serve
> Jesus Christ and want to obey Him.  

if that's truly the case, then why lie your audience?
why print falsehoods and half-truths, and unresearched
rumours concerning subjects about which you know

Jesus (if he existed at all) did not teach his
followers to be ignorant, or to be liars. he taught
them to understand what they were talking about, to be
forthright and honest, and not to lie.

> It is not for
> those who make fun of Him,
> who want to "debate" issues because it is something
> they don't believe, or
> for those who are just trying to pick an argument. 

Jesus (if he existed at all) is said to have entered
"the house of God" with the specific purpose of
overthrowing the stalls of the moneychangers. his
statement to them was "this is My Father's House, but
you have turned it into a den of thieves."

the *ONLY* reason i wrote to you is because *YOU* are
using God's Name and God's Word to spread your own
cute little brand of oppression. you don't care
whether people actually come to know God or not, all
you care about is whether or not people agree with you
when you state your beliefs, and you're convinced that
if people don't agree with you, then they must be
representatives of "de debbil!"

> I haven't answered you
> before because I recognize you as one mentioned in
> the scriptures above.

Jesus (if he existed at all) is said to have accused
one of his own disciples of being satan, why should i
be left out?

at the same time, if one or the other of us is a
representative of God, and the other one a
representative of the opposite, doesn't that imply
that there is an equal but opposite to God? i'm
assuming you understand the first law of

on the other hand, if God is infinite, then there *is*
no opposite to God. if God is, truly, infinite, then
He is big enough to encompass both "good" and "evil"
without being affected by either - thus the scripture
which says that He is "the same yesterday, today and

> You are consumed with useless wranglings

and you, who know absolutely *nothing* concerning the
subjects you denounce, aren't?

at the same time, i suppose if you're so convinced
that you're right, then it's a waste of my time to
talk with you anyway.

> and trying
> to start a debate with
> me about what my beliefs are.  You are also very
> hateful as you use my
> Lord's name in vain, and say "I guess He protected
> you", as a joke.

i see you as equally hateful when you use God's name
to justify your ignorance, but i don't take it

> The reason I bothered to respond is that I do care
> about you being deceived.

oh, thanks.

> I can see that you are.  I came from a 20 year
> stretch in the occult, I
> wasn't raised a Christian.  I have been in that
> world, so don't bother
> trying to debate with me about why I am wrong.  You
> would be wasting your
> time and mine.  

it always intrigues me that so many self-proclaimed
"christians" i meet claim to have come from a life of
the occult, but so few of them actually *understand*
the "occult" things they claim to have experienced.

you're a prime example of this. you say that you spent
20 years in the occult, but the things you put on your
site which claim to "explain" the meaning behind
occult practices are laughable in their ignorance of
reality. my impression is that you may have spent 20
years dabbling and wasting your time with books you
checked out of the public library, but you never
studied, practiced, or were active in anything even
remotely close to what you would call "the occult".

you can't explain something you don't understand, and
you can't rely on the explanations of others if they
don't understand it either. on your site, you reprint
rumours and lies about things like yoga (for example)
which were made up by self-proclaimed "christians" who
don't want people to learn about God any way other
than the one they're professing. you're not even very
good at copying the works of others. it's plainly
obvious to someone who studys yoga that you don't know
anything about it yourself, so how can you possibly
expect people to believe that you know what you're
talking about?

> When you come from that side of the
> world, where you
> traveled the astral plane, and had all kinds of
> powers, then you one day run
> up against WHO you are really messing with, and it
> isn't a pretty picture.

that's really funny... what kind of "powers" did you
give up, anyway?

> I have years and years
> of research from all kinds of other beliefs and
> religions because I wanted
> to track down the truth.

how can you possibly expect me to believe that when
you can't even form a sentence correctly?

>  I am MORE than capable of
> debating with you, 

no, you're not.

> and
> well prepared.  


> I don't know
> who you serve, but if
> you believe there is no evil, then it sounds to me
> like you are more into
> the Hindu area of worship and beliefs.  

the fact that i am The High Priest of The Church of
Tina Chopp should give you a clue, but i don't want to
tell you too much, since you're apparently already
convinced that you know everything anyway.

> You see, I am not a person that people can
> "convince" of things.  I cannot
> be told something and then "believe" it as faith. I
> am very stubborn in that
> area.

even when you're wrong.

i'm sure you must have heard the old aphorism "don't
try to confuse me with facts, my mind is made up."

>  I want to know the TRUTH.  So, I spent a lot
> of time researching all
> religions, and researching the Holy Bible for
> authenticity.  

if that's the case, then you must surely know how weak
a case there is to support the postulation that it is,
in any way, inspired by any kind of divine being.

> saying is true.  And there are MANY of those out
> there.  So, with over 30
> people counseled, 

wowie zowie... you've controlled... er... *counselled*
over 30 people. you're a big time minister, you ol'
zealot, you! you should be on television!

> I have a site to
> re-write.  

oh, yeah... you can't be on television, you're too
busy re-writing your web site before your entire
audience comes to believe that it's been taken down

> You would have never heard from me if I had run
> across your site or your
> beliefs written down.  

now that you *have* heard from me, feel free to check
out my web site (which hasn't been taken down for
almost 10 years). it's at http://www.ebeneezer.org/

> So, Rev, I hope this answers your questions about my
>  Jesus.  

actually, i wasn't asking questions about "your
jeezis", and even if i had been, none of my questions
about you have been, or are going to be answered
anyway. i *was* originally inquiring about why you're
so dedicated to misleading people, but now i see
you're too busy re-writing your web site to be
concerned with anything quite so mundane.

sorry to have bothered you.

> your emails won't be
> answered.  I have
> hurting people to help.  

helping them on their way to hell...

"wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth
to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat"

> Want to
> know the first real symptom that tells if you have
> been into contact with
> deceiving spirits?  

no, but i'll bet you're going to tell me anyway,
aren't you?

> You will have a hatred for
> Jesus, and mock His name.

yep, i knew it.

well, do you want a surprise, mister (or miss, you
haven't indicated one way or the other) evil exposed?

i *don't* hate or mock the name of Jesus. i have a
great respect for Jesus and his teachings.

what i *don't* have a respect for is people who misuse
his name to justify their own agendas. in such cases i
refer to what they're talking about as "jeezis"
(because what they say doesn't really reflect the
reality of Jesus), and, as you may be able to tell,
that's exactly where you came in.

> I could pick that
> out of your email right away.  

not very perceptive, are you?

> I will be here for you
> if you ever need me.

don't hold yer breath, jack.

that's a yoga joke, by the way...

> "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the
> living God."

"Garbage is a happy fact of life in an ugly world. You
cannot destroy the world. A time is coming when Tina
will do that. You can, however, be determined not to
contribute to the garbage problem." (The Book of
Garbage 8.5.1)

Praise Tina Chopp!

Rev. Guido DeLuxe, DD, LDD, OGG, OHS, ST, MI, MSU
deluxe at ebeneezer dot net - http://www.ebeneezer.net/

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