Letters To Tina

email: Ninja45@juno.com

subject: Question!

body: This is an fabulous website. How do you maintain yourself? I am trying to
get my own webpage up as a .org and have looked into some different area's
trying to find hosting... I've worked with places like geocities.com but they suck
with their pop-up adds, and don't allow much space. Plus it is unappealing to
have a serious website be part of someone elses name. Just wondering.... if you
could help me out or give me some suggestions, it would be much appreciated.
Thanks once again, and keeping up with this site. It's great.

To which we responded

dear Tim

our web site is maintained by a team of overworked dwarves chained in two rows in the basement of Castle Normidia, where they slave away 24 hours a day, writing 100% valid html code on manual typewriters.

we recommend that you do whatever it is you want to do, because if you do it like we did, we'll hunt you down and print personal details about your wife's sexual habits on the web.

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