Letters To Tina

email: xydexx underscore squeakypony at lycos dot com

subject: Inflatable Animal Fetish Page

body: Heya! 
The newly-renovated Inflatable Animal Fetish Page is back
A want to add a link to your site.  Do you have a standard 468x60 banner I can use?  

To which we responded

i've made a banner just for you...  8)

it's at http://www.ebeneezer.org/tinite.gif

link it to http://www.ebeneezer.org/ and everything will be fine.

good to hear from you & stuff.

Praise Tina

Rev. Dr. Guido S. DeLuxe, DD, LDD, OGG, OHS, ST, MI, MSU
High Priest - The Church of Tina Chopp
rev underscore deluxe at ebeneezer dot org - http://www.ebeneezer.org/


Plastic surgeons in New York and Los Angeles are attaching a cloned frog to the
noses of people who develop unusual lumps between their shoulders from snorting

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