Letters To Tina

rat soul <devourerofbubos@fridaythe13thfilms.com>


sent special information but sad feedback form is not working so thee message was lost
I looked at Silent Hill forum and all sad cases were talking about Dido.You better not like
shit music also. You listen to Tubeway Army, Ohgr, Skinny Puppy, Throbbing Gristle,
Whitehouse, Laibach, Tears for Fears, In Slaughter Natives, Sutcliffe Jugend, Depeche
Mode, the Alice Cooper group, can't think of others.
If you play Silent Hill 3 you can look upon Sexy Douglas. Silent Hill 1 is best, then 3.
How did foul annie lennox get on the ending music of Lord of the Rings?
she will pay also last half hour should disappear into the abyss.
go to
amazing-nature dot com
or I'll let jesus fuck you
no exclamation marks you see...
also go to
truthbeknown dot com / christcon
just in case you didn't know. My favourite is sexy William Stryker from Xmen2. He is mine

To which we responded

hi rat

the feedback form doesn't take file attachments and it only works when you're sending stuff to us. we reported you to spamcop. next.

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