Letters To Tina

email: miko <nostromo99@mail.com>

subject: christians are a deadly virus

body: I am an asian-american.  I was recently in financial trouble and became
nearly homeless.  I contacted a church to get some help.  I stayed with someone
for a week that was referred from a church, they knew I was just in limbo and
was leaving soon, yet they used my situation to not only look down on me
while they were giving me help but the woman i was staying with actually had
the unbelievable nerve to speak to me as if i really believed exactly as she did. 
I opened up to her a little about my past and she emphatically said to me "her god
is the only real god" and she says she covers her house and her family with her
'god' and me as well.  Everyone has intuition and my gut and senses told me
how absolutely rude this is.  I am asian and my beliefs are different as well as
my culture.  She assumed her beliefs and ways were somehow not only better
but the only way.  Its as bad as if I were to tell a caucasian,african-american,
or hispanic person that only the asian way is!
not only right for me but right for them as well and there ways are wrong. 
Only christians are evil, arrogant and self-deluding enough to tell themselves
this is right.  If someone helps another human being, it should not be with the
motivation to push beliefs on another.  You could tell she had some malice
after she realized I didn't want to be subjugated by her or her beliefs.  I'm still
amazed why and how she could assume so much.  I still can't figure this out.

Please respond

To which we responded

hi miko

your first mistake was going to the alleged "christians" for help. you should have known better. if you can think of nothing more constructive than to ask a so-called "christian" for help, then you must be a lot further gone than anybody i've ever seen before. of course she will not respect you, you're not like her, and that makes you evil... didn't you know that? hopefully the next time you'll have a little more sense.

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