Letters To Tina

email: TW Palms <twentyninepalms@hotmail.com>

subject: Cynthia

body: Man, I was having a lot of fun reading your message, and then I was unable to continue! It seems to be a problem through WebArchive. Anyways, continue the goodness!


To which we responded

Dear Twenty Nine

we have no control over what WebArchive does, or does not do with their own machines. the main reason we've linked there is that it is a good way to get around the fact that the evil anti-tinite whose name we dare not mention has threatened us with vile, legal prosecution if we have the pages on machines that we do have control over.

our experience has been that the first page of the saga is linked, but the second page isn't. whether it is because it was never linked in the first place, or whether it was taken down in response to the evil anti-tinite whose name we dare not mention's prolific complaining is something which we will probably never know.

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