Letters To Tina

email: James <james.bingham@sbcglobal.net>

subject: Expressing my thoughts

body: There is a perception that people that follow God are meek and timid. Sometimes humility is confused with submissiveness. People that follow Satan may seem pro-active with their use of the media, sex,drug, violence, music etc.....I feel that reading the Bible is part of the solution and so is implementing what you learn and waging war on Satan would be most effective if done directly.

In another words, why not post a list of Satanic Church's, cult members, sexual deviance, music promoting Satanism etc.....Bring into the light the stark reality of the crimes against humanity, the results of drug use etc... This way people can have a better understanding of the cause and effects of satanic lifestyles. Satan says it is cool to smoke, do drugs, and listen to certain types of music. Yet people don't realize or want to believe that a being such as Satan really exists. Without a proper understanding of where this divergence leads to, people are lead astray into a destructive and indulgent way of living. Like Father Corapi said, "Satan would like nothing better than for the youths of society to be found dead in garbage cans." Tolerance is a common problem in today's society. If your neighbor was committing satanic acts, would you tolerate it or bring it into the light simply by notifying authorities? To often the media, internet, and radio for example are being utilized to disseminate the wrong message to people. I would like to see more forms of media educating the public on the true evils of Satanism and the mechanisms used to promote it. I would like to see more information along these lines posted on websites. Keep up the good work.

To which we responded

first, we don't post a list of "satanic" resources, music and so forth because we don't believe "satan" exists! remember, "satan" is a "christian" deity, and in the Church of Tina Chopp, there is no analogous deity or power that comes even close.

and keep in mind that Tina Chopp also has something to say about the youth of today being found in garbage cans Herself, and it's not what you would expect...

if you really believe that reading the bible is part of the solution then there's nothing that we even want to do to dissuade you from that goal (the Church of Tina Chopp is not in the business of making up your mind for you), but we should warn you that, unless you also read The Books of Tina Chopp, you'll be barking up the wrong tree...

second, you should check out our War Against Satan web ring, which may be exactly what you're looking for... or not.

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