Letters To Tina

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I've just been to your site, and am frankly, saddened, at the notion that you have never met a Christian whose actions lined up with their faith. I contend that they were preaching the good news in bad fashion. The good news is that...we're all hypocrites!

I am a born-again Christian. So is my husband. We smoked 2 houses-worth of bud before we came to know the Lord. And then plenty afterward...until we finally stopped. Some might say that we weren't Christian for that reason, because were "living in sin" but I know differently - because my debt has been paid, and my righteousness is not based on what people say or how good I can be. That is indeed what the Bible says, if you can get past all the skewed interpretations being preached out there.

I don't take directives given by church authorities to be God-given without testing them against Scripture in proper context. In fact I've left more than one church based on a disdain for apparent hypocrisy there. I think the war in Iraq is evil and that you can't be pro-life and abolish abortion while slaughtering thousands of innocent children in a foreign country for oil.

Admittedly, far too many Christians send SPAM for which there really is no excuse...but then again, I get a lot of useless crap worthy of a Denis Leary rant from unbelievers too. People are sheeple, plain and simple, regardless of the shepherd they choose to follow.

Christ came to save sinners, not the self-righteous. He was a friend of drunks and prostitutes. People are flawed, and often puffed up, thinking that they're more than they really are - sinners saved by grace. "For ALL have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God." Romans 3:23 God is not flawed, just grossly misrepresented all too often.

My position is that of, hate the sin, love the sinner...what's your position on loving people?

Robin, Member of the Church of the Slain Lamb

To which we responded

jeezis was created by Tina Chopp out of whole cloth, in 1892, as a ploy to get people to ignore Her... it worked. if jeezis is so good, then why do so many of his followers have it wrong?

our position on loving people is this: EVERYBODY is a member of the Church of Tina Chopp, whether they know it or not, whether they like it or not - in fact, one of the primary ways of worshiping Tina Chopp is to not worship Tina Chopp - thus everyone is a member of Tina's church, and "saved" (if there is such a thing) without having to do anything.

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