Watch out for the evil, self-proclaimed "christians"!

People who call themselves "christians" are among the most hypocritical, egotistical, self-centered, dishonest, deceptive, unimaginative, stubborn, slow-witted, unintelligent, weak, fearful, incapable people in the entire history of human existence. They believe everything told to them by people who they perceive as authority figures, regardless of how obvious a lie they have been told; regardless of how little their authority deserves that authority. They lie, cheat and steal, and they justify this behaviour by abusing their own scripture. Here are some flagrant examples of how dumb self-proclaimed "christians" really are, and some really good reasons why The Church of Tina Chopp encourages people not to follow the faith of "christianity".

It doesn't take much reading of the "christian" bible to learn that these behaviours (with the possible exception of spamming) are things in which their own "saviour" - Jesus Christ - discourages people from engaging. And yet, most self-proclaimed "christians" will claim that they're only trying to help the people they're annoying, by allegedly preventing them from going to hell. Most self-procliamed "christians" will say that they're only trying to be more like Jesus, even though they will freely admit that it is impossible for anyone to be like Jesus - regardless of the fact that Jesus, himself, encouraged his followers to be more like him.

Here is an enlightening study of how "christians" interact with others.

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